Social Video Packages


Cafe Latte

The easy way to start of your video experience - 1 video per month, loaded onto youtube and facebook with associated SEO


Just the basics

US$345 per month

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Regular strength

The best value for money and visibility - 2 videos per month, loaded onto youtube, facebook and instagram and associated SEO


Our most popular package

US$695 per month

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Double Shot

Getting really serious about your SEO and digital marketing options - 4 videos per month, all social channels and page 1 guaranteed


All the Bells and Whistles

US$1495 per month

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Additional Services


We can provide a full scripting service to develop a cohesive and accurate storyline for your product or service, which will not only deliver a dynamic and effective video product but also ensure the most efficient production pathway to provide you with cost savings and targeted SEO.


A storyboard provides a visual reference for the overall shot sequence and is invaluable during production costing, shooting and editing.  This is a fundamental part of delivering efficiency and cost savings to any video production.


In order to ensure that your final video is as close as possible to your vision we will produce an animatic – basically an animated storyboard, which provides a visual guide to the shot sequence and timing against your voice over track.

An animatic provides the best option that you have to finesse the final product before actual production.

Voice over and

The voice over track is where your main message will be delivered and we offer options on voice talent to get the right feeling and tone for your product.

Music plays an important role in setting an ambience for the video, and can have a major impact on the way viewers react to your video.  We have a vast library of royalty-free music at very competitive pricing.